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Manning Group was founded in 2002 as a provider of services for contract office furniture.

After years of working for the installation side of a furniture dealership, Jared Manning felt that the combination of design services, furniture sales and installation services provided under one roof did not allow for growth in the direction that he wanted. He saw a need for an installation company that served out of state dealers with their intermarket projects. Manning Group has become Arizona’s largest independent furniture services company. Our Phoenix and Tucson branches directly serve clients throughout Arizona.

Our menu of services has steadily grown over the years. At first, we simply provided delivery and installation. Since then, we have added architectural wall installation to our portfolio of services as well as furniture repair, refurbishing, maintenance, project management, asset management and commercial moving. We integrated logistical and installation solutions for the institutional, healthcare and hospitality industry.

Several factors provide overall unity in our performance of these services. One is a collective commitment to being the best at what we do. The other is a recognition that we operate daily on the front lines of change in the facility world — a role that demands a huge amount of respect and consideration for the time, productivity and peace of mind of the clients and end users we support.


Let’s talk about value?

Value is such a buzzword in this industry. Vendors will talk about “value engineering” and “value options” when referring to their products. What about true value? A value based service that provides value in time, your time and your company’s time. A value based service that is constant, one that keeps up with your needs and the needs of your company.

True Value is being versatile.

Manning Group is independent. Because of our independence, we can represent your company without any conflicts on the sale of furniture. We can provide these services regardless of what product you own or what product you are purchasing.

True Value is knowing your industry in a changing world.

Manning Group is a best practices company. We put our money and our time where our mouth is. We spend countless hours focusing on how we can better service you. We spend thousands of dollars every year participating in factory training, keeping our installers up to date in the ever-changing world of furniture. We keep our finger on the pulse of our industry by spending time in several industry specific associations including IFMA, BOMA and OFDA.

True Value is putting your knowledge and experience to work in real world situations.

Our installation and project management team uses over 200 years of industry knowledge and experience to be extremely efficient. At Manning Group, we look at the whole picture, not just the furniture. We know that in our business, things do not always go as planned. We feel that with our experience, those unexpected turns will easily straighten out.

True Value is investing in technology as a means to continually service the customer.

Manning Group teamed with three installation companies to develop software specifically for the installation side if the furniture industry.  This system’s technology ensures the most streamlined progression of a project and was designed from a wish list of best practices between independent installation companies. This was an investment that we felt was worthwhile to focus more on the human side of projects.  Other installation companies must modify an existing system and try to integrate the parts that will work for our type of business. We have the most up to date software not only to be on the same page as the dealerships, but to constantly improve our accuracy, efficiency and processes. Many of Manning Group’s employees come from the dealership and manufacturing community so we are familiar with the software this community uses. This gives us the edge in understanding from the beginning of the sale through installation what it takes to make a successful project.

Customer Service between Manning Group and its competitors becomes more apparent when considering our approach.

Because of our company’s structure, we maintain accessibility unmatched by others in the furniture and relocation business. Clients can readily talk with their project manager or foreman throughout the project. This is achieved due to a lack of “layers” often found in the service field.

This single-level approach produces a quicker response time, crucial to isolating and solving small issues before they evolve into more serious problems. Time and again, our immediate reaction, without being halted by unnecessary contacts, saves time and money throughout the project.

Flexibility to change also sets us apart from other service firms. We understand how unforeseen delays and issues with the space can hinder an effective project. By accepting this, we are able and ready to move forward in a positive manner when confronted with such obstacles. Our willingness to do whatever is necessary to benefit the client during these times is essential to our and your success.

Manning Group has extensive experience in projects of all sizes and complexities. We appreciate the importance of communicating progress with the client, and do so with a “Daily Progress Report” emailed each business day throughout the project. These updates include photos and details of the day’s accomplishments, as well as goals to achieve during the next day. This level of communication gives the end-user (especially those who are not able to be at the jobsite first-hand) a more concise understanding of the actual progress on site.

Our experience with troubleshooting issues in “Real Time” also differentiates our service team from others. Throughout our years of projects, we have seen and solved countless problems, all of which we have learned from. Accordingly, we are able to move forward on solutions with speed and confidence.

At Manning Group, every member of our work force is continually reminded of our responsibilities in assuring that every change we are tasked to implement is accomplished with a high degree of professionalism; optimal efficiency, timeliness and cost-effectiveness; and the least possible disruption to the customer’s business operations.

The benefits to our clients are significant: Our work force is uncommonly stable. There’s consistency and cohesion in our drive to be the best in the marketplace for the types of services we perform. Our clients can count on Manning Group to provide high-quality service on their front lines of change.

We’re always looking to get better at what we do.
Our philosophy is:

Personal progress improves Team progress resulting in Manning Group progress!
If someone knows a better way and is willing to share it; Manning Group is willing to learn and eager to improve.

To expand this learning process, Manning Group sought out and discovered other firms around the country who shared our commitment to elevating the professionalism of contract furniture services. In 1999, this group of professionals joined forces to create the Facilities Services Network or FSN. The core activities  within FSN are to identify processes, procedures, techniques and tools that will enhance our responsiveness, reduce costs, shorten project time frames and add value to our services. The ultimate goals are less down time, lower cost, a better use of furniture assets, higher productivity and profits for our clients. In 2008, Manning Group joined forces with FSN.

FSN is now 19 members strong. The group includes members that operate in major urban areas and high growth communities across the United States, Canada and Australia. FSN holds official meetings three times a year, and the principals and key managers exchange information by phone and email on an almost daily basis. This communication helps us identify, develop and implement best practices which reduce the time and cost of furniture installation.

FSN is a Solomon Coyle peer group and, as such, follows the operating procedures and principles of ethical conduct that are in effect for all Solomon Coyle peer groups.   You can learn more about the Solomon Coyle peer group program here.

Together with our FSN colleagues, Manning Group is a leader in procedure and process improvements for the front lines of change.

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