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Commercial Furniture

From a single office to a large multi-floor systems installation, Manning Group has the qualified installers, knowledge, tools and equipment to get the job done in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible. We routinely handle projects of all sizes, from one-man installations to two and three shift, multi-week jobs requiring as many as 25 installers. Our field staff consists of approximately 80 uniformed, experienced installers, drivers and movers, who have gone through an extensive background check.

We have years of experience, completed manufacturer’s certification programs and our own in house training seminars to ensure that our group of specialists are familiar with all major manufacturers’ products and systems.

  • We can dismantle, move and reconfigure existing furniture to blend with new.
  • We laser level larger projects to ensure uniformity across the entire installation.
  • We maintain an inventory of in-stock manufacturer parts for those instances when back orders or changes may affect timelines.
  • We offer interim warehousing when a site is not installation ready but the manufacturer must ship.
  • We recycle viable packaging materials from every installation.
  • Experienced project managers oversee every detail of our installation and reconfiguration jobs, from initial scoping to punch list and closeout.
  • We work closely with the client, manufacturer and end user to meet critical project deadlines and have the expertise and flexibility to accommodate any modifications.
  • We communicate our progress using our Daily Progress Report that lets you know with words and pictures how we are doing, what deliveries were made, any concerns we may have and any change orders that have been requested.
We are Proud of our Commitment to Safety!
  • All Manning Group employees have been OSHA 10 Certified.
  • All foremen have completed the OSHA 30 Certification class.
  • All employees have attended numerous safety training courses from leading safety institutions.
  • Our commitment to safety is unparalleled in the contract furniture industry.

Architectural Walls

Architectural walls, demountable walls, movable walls, high walls, modular walls, floor-to-ceiling walls, living walls, self-standing interior partitions. Whatever you may call today’s custom-manufactured, relocatable and highly adaptable alternatives to conventional drywall…we speak the language.

Since our first architectural wall installation in 2008, Manning Group has worked with most brands and lines found in the United States; including wall products from DIRTT, Haworth, Herman Miller, KI, Maars, Muraflex, Steelcase, Teknion and Trendway. Looking at just the past two years, our teams have installed close to two miles of solid and glass wall product plus over 300 pivot and sliding barn doors, all from leading names in the industry.

Architectural wall installation is a specialty at Manning Group. In addition to being experienced modular furniture installers, the members of our dedicated wall teams complete manufacturer and in-house training in wall products. But it takes more than polished assembly techniques to install walls correctly. That’s why we assign people to our wall teams who have special qualifications:

  • Skill in precision measurement
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Patience and mental focus to solve unique problems – sometimes several each day
  • The mechanical aptitude needed to hang doors quickly yet perfectly
  • Advanced carpentry skills required for cutting, required to produce clean, custom fits that make the finished job look like it came that way from the factory


Manning Group has seasoned furniture installers who are experienced in hotel environments. We have the proper man power, tools, equipment and building-protection for installations at multiple properties. We have experienced project managers to service your needs and we have top notch receiving, storage and delivery reporting. All that and more makes Manning Group the company for your hospitality projects. Our fleet of box trucks & tractor trailers affords logistical capabilities unmatched in the Phoenix market.

Manning Group has long been a supplier of installation, moving and facility services for hotel back offices. Starting in 2008, we’ve also become the company for high-quality, high-volume installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment for a wide variety of guest-facing spaces in hotels and hotel/casino complexes.

The bulk of our experience is with upscale and luxury properties in Phoenix and Tucson. Assignments include installing close to 1000 new guest rooms; removing and then re-installing furniture and fixtures for 300-plus guest rooms undergoing renovation; setting up specialty meetings for large groups on a tight timeline; installation of lounge and VIP areas, time share suites, and guest room mockups. We’ve also been called on to provide receiving, delivery, storage, touch-up, repair and various facility services. Our success in meeting both the needs and the standards of hoteliers in highly competitive markets offers assurance that Manning Group will meet if not exceed expectations for projects of your own.

Our projects are staffed by uniformed, badged and neatly groomed Manning Group employees who know how to get the job done while minimizing disruption and inconvenience to hotel staff and guests. They undergo pre-employment background checks and drug testing and are subject to random drug testing. Our crews consist of well-trained contract furniture professionals with experience in making proper wall and floor attachments for hotel environments.

Construction and product-delivery schedules, sequencing and even everyday hotel operations can all complicate the timing of installers work. That’s why our planning, quoting and scheduling are handled by experienced account managers who know how to work through the challenges and make life easy for our client and the hotel management.

Aided by our custom developed project management system, they readily assemble the right mix of talent and develop the multi-shift, multi-month schedules often required to get each phase of a job done on time and keep Manning Group in synch with the GC, construction trades and other third parties.

Our crews are supervised by lead men who solve problems as they arise, if not before, and assure that our work is done in accordance with the pertinent codes and standards, including Manning Group quality standards. They communicate well with the rest of the project team, keep them up to speed on our work, and spell out any issues that could hamper progress.

Our warehouse provides receiving, storage and delivery services to support hotel installation projects. We have enough vehicles, tools and equipment to run multiple jobs simultaneously every day.


Manning Group has long been a leading installer of healthcare and educational environments. We understand their unique nature, stringent timelines and privacy protocols. Our team of installation professionals has the planning, skillset, and tools to perform in these challenging settings. With continued pressure in these industries to cut costs, facilities need an efficient transition plan to minimize downtime and maximize operation productivity throughout a move project. We have a proven performance record and our experience can make your move seamless.

  • Move Management
  • IT Disconnect/Reconnect
  • Tear Down and Re-Install Modular Furniture

It takes critical planning and coordination as well as thoughtful preparation prior to relocating a healthcare facility or reconfiguring an existing space. It is especially important to have an installation crew that has experience working in hospitals, which need to be up and running during the process. Typically, patient areas need to be operational on day one of install, and operations remain running in the build areas while the changes are taking place.

  • Administrative Offices
  • Lab and Clinical Areas
  • Patient Rooms
  • Nurses Stations
  • Public Spaces: Lobbies, Lounges, Reception, Waiting Rooms
  • Food and Beverage Areas: Indoor/Outdoor Cafés, Cafeterias, Dining Rooms
Educational Environments

Educational facilities have challenges of their own. School needs to start on time. In Arizona, site readiness is often a major challenge as there is so much work to be completed in a short, and hot timeframe. The furniture is one of the last pieces of the puzzle, and our installers are expected to complete in a condensed time frame. We have learned to work within these restraints and provide install completion before the bell rings!

  • Schools
  • Cafeterias
  • Classrooms
  • Faculty Offices
  • Science Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Student Lounges
  • Millwork
  • Auditorium
  • Fixed Seating
  • Seminar Tables
  • Sequence Seating

Asset Management

Manning Group has an 85,000 sq ft climate controlled warehouse where product is received, inspected and stored. Our full time warehouse staff takes great pride in the handling of your product from the time it hits our facility to the time it leaves on one of the 13 delivery vehicles in our fleet.

Assets in our warehouse are insured for partial or total loss or damage. Our facility is clean, well organized and ready for a site visit at any time. Our warehouse is racked for short term product, narrow aisle racked for long term storage, and we use separate areas for unloading, inspection and staging.

Our warehouse staff is detail oriented with a commitment to care for your assets responsibly. Our people can assess your products’ condition and document its status. They have the product knowledge needed to identify and manage the vast multitude of items, assemblies and parts produced by today’s furniture manufacturers. Our staff has the experience to handle and move your product efficiently and prevent damage or loss.
An excellent example of Manning Group’s commitment to best practices in contract furniture services is our custom asset management system, Snap Tracker.

Snap Tracker features:
  • CAP is used to specify, identify and catalogue your furniture
  • Clients can access online to review inventories
  • Check product condition and location
  • Reserve product for upcoming projects
  • Check receiving, pull and delivery status
  • Review freight claims; and make decisions about disposal, liquidation and re-use.
  • With Snap Tracker, clients have a highly valuable tool to match available product to new requirements and thus make the most of product investments

Please see Snap Tracker Presentation or contact your account manager to arrange a live guided tour.



Lighten Your Burden
Manning Group uses a first and second shift approach to meet the needs of our customers. Our warehouse staff begins their day at 4 AM and ends at 5 PM, Monday thru Friday. Receiving Hours are from 6 AM to 2 PM and an appointment is required for delivery 48 hours in advance. When your order arrives at the warehouse, our staff unloads the product, checks it against the receiving tickets, scans the information and emails it to you within 24 hours of product receipt. We will inspect cartons for damage immediately. If there is damage, it is recorded with the freight company, a picture is taken, and a report is made with all the information, along with product numbers and sent to you for the filing of a freight claim.After product is checked against receiving tickets, tags are made for each pallet with the client name, project name and pallet count. Receiving records are then entered into the receiving/delivery management module of our custom business system with product pallet locations noted.

Quick Turn Around
Quick turn-around by people who know, detailed receiving records, on call staff and more…
Loading the right product for delivery is just as important as receiving it. Our second shift warehouse crew reverses this process by double checking our receiving tickets on the way out and the product is then marked as delivered in our system. We assemble as much product in our warehouse as possible. We remove as much trash as possible without jeopardizing the product and we hand load your product to ensure a quick and easy delivery to your client.

Manning Group Phoenix Warehouse
75 N. 49th Ave, Suite 2
Phoenix, AZ 85043

Receiving 602.353.0400 x 107
48 hour call before delivery to schedule an appointment.

Manning Group Tucson Warehouse
815 E. 18th St.
Tucson, AZ 85719
(Same receiving phone and requirements for both locations)


The Manning Group Delivery Service provides complete delivery and transportation services for our Contract Furniture Dealers, our Hospitality Purchasing Managers and our Manufacturer and Rep Group Clients. We work directly with you to identify your needs and tailor a cost effective program to meet those needs.

We provide this service through our fleet of trucks that are operated by professional drivers/installers. Our drivers are equipped with cell phones to keep you and your customers in the know. When traffic or weather conditions cause an unforeseeable delay, our driver immediately calls the client or end user contact to explain the situation and provide and up to date ETA. Deliveries can be made throughout Arizona. Next day and time sensitive furniture deliveries can be accommodated.

We are not limited by size or scope. Our fleet consists of three cargo vans, eight straight trucks, two tractors and eighteen 53’ trailers. We provide around the clock unload, sorting and delivery preparation. We routinely drop trailers at local manufacturers, re-upholsterers and liquidation sites for convenient and efficient loading and unloading. All product is handled professionally and all loading and unloading is performed with great attention to detail.

We are proud of our Safety Record. Our facility and our vehicles are fully insured. Our drivers are DOT compliant and follow the strictest standards for fleet safety. Our fleet is constantly updated and inspected for compliance. We maintain our fleet through service contracts with competent, capable and factory trained mechanics.



Whether you need to relocate a business office, a call center, an industrial operation, or specialty items such as clinical furnishings, trade show or museum exhibits, theatrical sets, or orchestra instruments and equipment, you can count on Manning Group to provide an efficient, safe and timely move.
Comprehensive Move Planning
Manning Group move planning services are designed to assure a flawless move job from start to finish. Once we know the basic project scope, we identify everything to be moved from the current site to the new one as well as everything to be moved into and out of storage. We do a thorough check of site and project conditions and then develop the preliminary move plan. The plan is refined and solidified through one or more pre-move planning sessions with the client’s move team.
Experts in Keeping Moves on Track
Experienced account managers on the Manning Group staff oversee every detail of our move jobs, from initial scoping and estimating to pre-move planning to on-site coordination, punch list and closeout. With our own customized business system, we can provide fast-turn quotes and accurate, timely invoicing.
Total Move Solutions
Our move teams handle all typical move activities, including furniture disassembly and protection, packing and tagging of workspace contents, transport, installation, reconfiguration and waste removal. We can provide short-term storage or long-term storage with or without asset management. We take care of handling unique, high value items, and many other move related services.

The Scope of our Commercial Moving Services Includes:

  • Building-to-building and internal relocations for commercial and government organizations
  • Theatrical moving and storage, including sound equipment, scenery, props, stage equipment, musical instruments and delicate equipment associated with orchestra operations
  • Trade Event logistics including trailer and truck load and unload, warehouse and venue receiving, short- and long-term storage, and warehouse-to-venue delivery
  • On-site furniture service work
  • Packing and setup of filing systems and shelving contents
  • Relocation of electronics, computers and server rooms
  • Receiving, delivery and installation of new product
  • Building clean out service for turnover to landlord
  • Transportation of new and used product throughout the United States
  • Storage and asset management of furniture and other inventories and electronics asset

Move Crates and Benefits of Using Them:

  • Manning Group has our own move crates so we do not have to secure them from a vendor
  • Environmentally friendly while being cost effective
  • Plastic crates can be used over and over again
  • Quick and easy to use because there is no assembly required
  • No need to use packing tape
  • Larger than standard moving boxes
  • Customizable tags supplied to easily identify what contents are inside
  • Prevent injuries by stacking an empty one on top of a packed one and filling it
  • Move crate dollies are provided to allow you to move the packed ones around the office without straining yourself
  • Hard plastic boxes will help prevent the contents from being damaged
  • Durable enough to pack heavy items or fragile items
  • Spills are contained within the crate and won’t leak through

You let us know when you want the empty ones delivered.
You let us know how much time you need to pack them.
We come and pick them up and deliver to your new location.
You unpack and let us know when they are ready for pick up!
No need for breaking down cardboard boxes and trying to find a place to recycle them.

When your rental contract expires in a commercial lease, you have obligations to leave the space in a “turn-key” condition.  The expectations of what this means to the owner of the space will be specified in your rental agreement.

Decommissioning the facility for turnover to the landlord/owner can involve many services.  Here are a few things to consider when leaving your space, but before turning your key in.

  • Get required condition for turnover in writing! You should meet with the property manager before scheduling any space decommissioning to make sure you meet the conditions of your contract.
  • Let us help you with your leftover furniture/equipment assets.  After you have moved everything to be used in the new space, you might have furniture, fixtures, filing or equipment that didn’t make the cut. Manning Group can work with you to find the best use of these items.


  • Removal & Liquidation
  • Removal & Recycling of goods and/or trash
  • Removal & Disposal of goods and/or trash that are non-recyclable
  • E-Waste Removal including computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines
  • Remember the cabling needs to go!  It doesn’t matter if it’s voice or data cables, it all needs to be removed from ceiling and floor channels; or cut cables at wall outlets and rolled up in ceiling space.
  • Cleaning and repairs. Once you have all the furniture and cabling out, you can get a good look at what you are turning back over to the landlord. Depending on what the terms of your contract are, there are some things that most likely will need to be done to get your deposit back.  These are services that we provide to help you leave your space in a “Broom Clean” condition:
  • Repair of wall surfaces (not including painting)
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Vacuum office carpeting and/or tile flooring
  • Mop tile flooring
  • Sweep concrete flooring

Once all our services are complete, we will have a final walkthrough of the facility for compliance sign off.

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